How to calm pets during fireworks?

There is something magical about fireworks. When crackers shot to the sky and split into million sparkles, we all froze in amazement. Although we may enjoy the revelry of crackers and fireworks, pets find them distressing and scary. In animals, fireworks and bustling sounds can trigger anxiety and stress. In extreme distress, pets may experience violent shaking, howling, barking, uncontrolled drooling, and hiding under furniture. Some pets may lose their appetite and even lose bladder control. If you have a pet at home that isn’t comfortable with fireworks and thunderstorms, you should prepare for any party or celebration in advance. You can also consult vets from animal hospital Virginia Beach for professional advice. 

Pets and Fireworks- Why they don’t go along together?

When fireworks are set off, it makes loud and sudden noises. Unexpected noises like bangs, sirens, shrieks, crackles, etc., can startle or frighten animals. Besides the loud noise, bright light flares and flashes also upset pets. Pets are sensitive to loud noises and bright lights. Firecrackers also release smoke and fumes and produce gunpowder smells that further irritate pets’ noses. Fireworks are often a part of more significant celebrations or gatherings. Pets that are normally docile may become uneasy around strangers or too many people. This can further aggravate the situation and stress your pet.   

All the elements associated with fireworks and crackers can stress any animal and instill a sense of fear and anxiety. Every other pet has different ways to react to such stressors. Depending on the temperament of your pooch, he may turn frantic or tremble, bark or whine, or hide under the bed from all the commotion happening around. In certain dogs, such stressors can make them aggressive. They can bite or growl on people around them until their fear eases. 

How do you keep pets calm during the fireworks?

If you are having a party at your house or neighbourhood and planning to put up a firework show, ensure your pet doesn’t get affected in any way. Prepare your pet in advance for any fireworks-intensive party. It is advised to keep small children and pets away from fireworks. Most pet owners wish to make their pets part of every family gathering and outing, including fireworks displays. However, it’s important to remember that pets are not humans, and they perceive fireworks as a threat and danger. If you are a new pet parent concerned about keeping their safe and calm pets during fireworks, consult veterinarians from pet hospital Virginia Beach. You can also hire a pet sitter who can stay with your pet while you enjoy the fireworks show. 

You should also desensitize your pooch to fireworks in advance. Train your pet for loud sound by playing audio recordings or videos of fireworks. This will help your pet become used to the loud noises. At first, play the recording on lower volumes. Once your pet gets comfortable with it, increase the volume. Once your pet becomes familiar with the fireworks, they will be able to manage their anxiety and stress.